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At Agile Computer, we are your one point of contact for all things technology.  Think of us as your IT department.   Have a question, problem, or unsure about anything technology related?  Pick up the phone, or send us an email. We will do our very best to resolve your concerns while making sure we end our interaction with a smile on your face, and you feeling confident.   Please allow is to earn your trust, let’s have a conversation today
Call us at 437-888-0111 or email

“I have a passion for supporting people with their technology.  So I can say with confidence I deliver my services with a smile, and always do my best to ensure you are a satisfied client.  Back in 2013,  I was noticing a gap in the market for skilled, relatable, friendly technology support services.  That is why I started what was then Solutions Cubed.  What has now evolved, as of 2020, into Agile Computer.”
  Let’s have a  conversation today.  Call  437-888-0111

Ian Langdon - Founder

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Call us at 437-888-0111 or email any time at  You can also use the below form. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How has your business changed during the pandemic?

Agile Computer will always prefer off-site, remote work. This is, and will remain, the most time and cost efficient means to assist you, and your team. So in terms of our primary means of service, not much has changed with COVID-19. However, we are an essential service, and can complete site visits and service calls when requested or required. In that case, our technicians will follow government advisories on proper PPE, and also accommodate any workplace-specific requirements you may have, of course.  

Will you come to my office or business?

Of course!  At Agile Computer, we recognize that you often have your hands full. Whether you are running payroll for your staff, or getting lunch ready for your kids, we come to you at your convenience. Just email or call us 437-888-0111 and we will see how we can help!

I have a lot of work to get done. Do you offer special rates?

At Agile Computer, we understand what it’s like to run a small business. Our policy is that once our time with you reaches the 8-hour mark, we will automatically charge you a reduced daily rate, even though you may have opted for the hourly rate at the start. We can also set a fixed price before we begin.  As always, our conversations are no-pressure. So, let’s talk 437-888-011, or email us.

Do you sell systems and hardware?

Yes! Our early clients spoke up, and we listened. “Just make it all work for us,” you said. Agile Computer has partnerships with Kaspersky, Endian, Google Apps, Carbonite, and Lenovo. Together, these leading firms represent endpoint security, network security, email/collaboration suite, data backup, and hardware. Agile Computer has all your business IT needs covered.

Why is your retainer service capacity limited?

When Agile Computer commits to be your new IT Department, we need to make sure we are available to answer your requests and support your team.  Ensuring that we are staffed with enough resources is part of that. So these spaces may be limited temporarily.

Why should I submit a help request online?

You can call 437-888-0111 or email us at any time. We are always more than happy to provide the personal touch! But since we enter all information into Agile Computer’s online ticketing system anyway, to provide tracking and report all the details, submitting an online request yourself can, in some cases, be even quicker than calling us. 

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