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Reliable IT project delivery, on time and on budget.

Looking for a dedicated partner to oversee an entire IT project? Need specialist assistance and manpower to work alongside your existing team boosting IT project support? Whatever the situation, Agile Computer is here to help.

We invest in getting to know you, your specific needs, and overall goals. Then we integrate with your team, techy or totally not, to support the right-sized solution that fits within your workflow and budget.

Agile Computer delivers successful IT projects, both large and multi-site, or small. Whether you want to move your data to the cloud, deploy a new phone system, enable your team to work smarter with software, or you have a big IT infrastructure project ahead, we are well-placed to pitch in. We have usually done something similar before, for a business or organization similar to yours.

Agile Computer puts our project scoping and delivery skills to deliver for you.

  • IT procurement.
  • IT audits.
  • Office moves and location expansion.
  • Connectivity solutions.
  • IT planning and consulting  – to review, address, guide and future-proof your IT.
  • Digital transformation – including IT backup, security, cloud computing, tech support, network and VOIP technology, even a start-up or small business website if you need it.

Why choose Agile Computer as your IT project partner?

  • Project management discipline + technical expertise + adaptable people.
  • Over a decade of successful project delivery backed by a strong previous in-house corporate and non-profit track record.
  • Unwavering focus on our clients’ business and goals. Our IT tasks and delivery plans never lose sight of what matters most to you.

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